Survey; IPTS in Sweden and the International Society of IPT (ISIPT)

Hej Alla medlemmar i Svenska IPT-föreningen!

Hoppas ni har haft en fin helg trots de märkliga tider som råder just nu. Som flera av er vet, så finns det en internationell IPT-förening ISIPT som verkar för internationellt samarbete på olika sätt. En arbetsgrupp som jobbar med kvalitet och spridining av metoden i vilken bland annat John Markovitz och Roslyn Law har bett mig skicka följande ”enkät” till er som de önskar att ni återsänder till mig snarast så jag kan sammanställa era tankar om huru svenska förenignen och den itnernationella bör integrereas mer eller ej. Detta är helt frivilligt från er sida. Klipper in enkäten nedan som ju är på engelska. 

IPTS in Sweden and the International Society of IPT  (ISIPT)

I have been asked to survey members of IPTS in Sweden to get feedback on what people think about if IPTS becoming affiliated/associated with the International Society of IPT, ISIPT. Please feel free to ignore/amend/use.

ISIPT is steadily expanding and now has over 200 members across at least 25 countries. It organises a biennial three-day conference, hosts a website which has a lot of educational material, and runs  a Listserv which enables colleagues from around the globe to communicate easily  ( Myrna  Weissman is one of the most active people on it!). See link to website here for more information.

I would be grateful if you could give comment on any:

  • Benefits?
  • Drawbacks?
  • What would you want from an affiliation with ISIPT?
  • What IPTS may be expected to give in return?
  • Any other comments?

Factors you might wish to consider in your responses:

  • Training/accreditation (e.g. would our training in Sweden receive automatic accreditation from the international Society?),
  • What additional resources we may access, any conference/course discounts?
  • An association/affiliation to the International Society of IPT therapist may increase access to a wider network of IPT therapists, providing a wider pool of resources, giving opportunity to the formation of subdivisions of special interest groups.
  • Financial implications – what cost this would incur? Could we consider stepped membership ranging from no affiliation to ISIPT, to and affiliated/part member, or full membership.
  • Can there be useful cross linking of the IPTS and ISIPT websites?
  • Are there any other incentives/benefits from an affiliation with ISIPT?

I would be very grateful if you can provide any feedback/comment at all to me at so that I can feedback to the ISIPT. Please give response before May 1th.

With many thanks.

Malin Bäck